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Sell Dofus Kamas at the best price. do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sell your Kamas.

Quantity: 20 EUR minimum value in Kamas (PayPal ,Skrill and Bitcoin).

All of your delivered registered on the same payout account transactions will be combined and sent as a single payment.

Payment methods:

PayPal: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery 

Skrill: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery.

SEPA: Payment between 24 to 48 hours after delivery.(minimum value of 100 EUR of Kamas)

Alipay: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery.(minimum value of 200 CNY of Kamas)

Bitcoin: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery of the Kamas.

Usdt: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery of the Kamas.(TRC20 Only!!! fees: 1 usdt/transaction)

National bank transfer and CashPlus, WafaCash[Morocco]. Payment sent within 24 hours after delivery of the Kamas(minimum value of 300 Dhs of Kamas)

You get automatically a bonus of 50 Dhs on each order delivered over 3000 Dhs

1. the bonus is calculated according to the amount of each order(example 3000dh ==> 3050dh; 8000dh ==> 8050dh; 10000dh = 10050dh)

2. the bonus does not apply to the total of different orders.

I don’t sell, I want to exchange between servers. Click here exchange Kamas.

Server Paypal Skrill SEPA BitCoin Usdt(TRC20) Morocco(DH) Alipay(CNY) Status
Dofus Kamas
Draconiros1.42€/M1.406€/M1.406€/M1.377€/M1.491Usdt/M15.549 DH/M10.792CNY/MSourcing
HellMina0.81€/M0.802€/M0.802€/M0.786€/M0.851Usdt/M8.870 DH/M6.156CNY/MSourcing
Imagiro0.79€/M0.782€/M0.782€/M0.766€/M0.830Usdt/M8.651 DH/M6.004CNY/MSourcing
Orukam0.811€/M0.803€/M0.803€/M0.787€/M0.852 Usdt/M8.880 DH/M6.164CNY/MFull
TalKasha0.780€/M0.772€/M0.772€/M0.757€/M0.819 Usdt/M8.541 DH/M5.928CNY/MFull
Tylezia0.79€/M0.782€/M0.782€/M0.766€/M0.830Usdt/M8.651 DH/M6.004CNY/MSourcing
Ombre(Shadow)0.82€/M0.812€/M0.812€/M0.795€/M0.861Usdt/M8.979 DH/M6.232CNY/MSourcing
Dofus Touch Kamas
Brutas1.004€/M0.994€/M0.994€/M0.974€/M1.054 Usdt/M10.994 DH/M7.630CNY/MFull
Dodge1.863€/M1.844€/M1.844€/M1.807€/M1.956 Usdt/M20.400 DH/M14.159CNY/MFull
Grandapan1.110€/M1.099€/M1.099€/M1.077€/M1.166Usdt/M12.155 DH/M8.436CNY/MSourcing
Herdegrize3.75€/M3.713€/M3.713€/M3.638€/M3.938Usdt/M41.063 DH/M28.500CNY/MSourcing
Oshimo3.959€/M3.919€/M3.919€/M3.840€/M4.157 Usdt/M43.351 DH/M30.088CNY/MFull
Terra Cogita3.70€/M3.663€/M3.663€/M3.589€/M3.885Usdt/M40.515 DH/M28.120CNY/MSourcing
Dofus Retro Kamas
Boune6.6€/M6.534€/M6.534€/M6.402€/M6.930Usdt/M72.270 DH/M50.160CNY/MSourcing
Allisteria1.44€/M1.426€/M1.426€/M1.397€/M1.512Usdt/M15.768 DH/M10.944CNY/MSourcing
Fallanster0.4€/M0.396€/M0.396€/M0.388€/M0.420Usdt/M4.380 DH/M3.040CNY/MSourcing
Wakfu Kamas
Pandora1.435€/M1.421€/M1.421€/M1.392€/M1.507 Usdt/M15.713 DH/M10.906CNY/MFull
Rubilax0.728€/M0.721€/M0.721€/M0.706€/M0.764 Usdt/M7.972 DH/M5.533CNY/MFull
Ogrest INT10.7€/M0.693€/M0.693€/M0.679€/M0.735 Usdt/M7.665 DH/M5.320CNY/MFull
Ogrest FR1.85€/M1.832€/M1.832€/M1.795€/M1.943Usdt/M20.258 DH/M14.060CNY/MSourcing