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Sell Dofus Kamas at the best price. do not hesitate to contact us if you want to sell your Kamas.

Quantity: 20 EUR minimum value in Kamas (PayPal ,Skrill and Bitcoin)

Payment methods:

PayPal: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery 

Skrill: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery.

Alipay: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery.(minimum value of 200 CNY of Kamas)

Bitcoin: Payment between 6 to 24 hours after delivery of the Kamas.

National bank transfer and WafaCash[Morocco]. Payment sent within 24 hours after delivery of the Kamas(minimum value of 300 Dhs of Kamas)

You get automatically a bonus of 50 Dhs on each order delivered over 3000 Dhs

1. the bonus is calculated according to the amount of each order(example 3000dh ==> 3050dh; 8000dh ==> 8050dh; 10000dh = 10050dh)

2. the bonus does not apply to the total of different orders.

I don’t sell, I want to exchange between servers. Click here exchange Kamas.

Server Paypal Skrill BitCoin Morocco(DH) Alipay(CNY) Status
Dofus Kamas
Agride0.82€/M0.81€/M0.80€/M8.77 DH/M6.31CNY/MSourcing
Brumen0.79€/M0.78€/M0.77€/M8.45 DH/M6.08CNY/MSourcing
Echo0.83€/M0.82€/M0.81€/M8.88 DH/M6.39CNY/MSourcing
Furye0.76€/M0.75€/M0.74€/M8.13 DH/M5.85CNY/MSourcing
Ilyzaelle1.30€/M1.29€/M1.26€/M13.91 DH/M10.01CNY/MSourcing
Jahash1.21€/M1.20€/M1.17€/M12.95 DH/M9.32CNY/MSourcing
Julith0.8€/M0.79€/M0.78€/M8.56 DH/M6.16CNY/MSourcing
Meriana0.8€/M0.79€/M0.78€/M8.56 DH/M6.16CNY/MSourcing
Merkator0.8€/M0.79€/M0.78€/M8.56 DH/M6.16CNY/MSourcing
Nidas0.83€/M0.82€/M0.81€/M8.88 DH/M6.39CNY/MFull
Pandore0.8€/M0.79€/M0.78€/M8.56 DH/M6.16CNY/MSourcing
Ush0.82€/M0.81€/M0.80€/M8.77 DH/M6.31CNY/MSourcing
Atcham0.82€/M0.81€/M0.80€/M8.77 DH/M6.31CNY/MFull
Rubilax0.84€/M0.83€/M0.81€/M8.99 DH/M6.47CNY/MFull
Thanatena1.73€/M1.71€/M1.68€/M18.51 DH/M13.32CNY/MFull
Ombre(Shadow)0.61€/M0.60€/M0.59€/M6.53 DH/M4.70CNY/MSourcing
Oto Mustam0.25€/M0.25€/M0.24€/M2.68 DH/M1.93CNY/MFull
Dofus Touch Kamas
Brutas1.33€/M1.32€/M1.29€/M14.23 DH/M10.24CNY/MFull
Dodge1.50€/M1.49€/M1.46€/M16.05 DH/M11.55CNY/MSourcing
Grandapan1.58€/M1.56€/M1.53€/M16.91 DH/M12.17CNY/MFull
Herdegrize2.1€/M2.08€/M2.04€/M22.47 DH/M16.17CNY/MSourcing
Oshimo2.10€/M2.08€/M2.04€/M22.47 DH/M16.17CNY/MSourcing
Terra Cogita2.6€/M2.57€/M2.52€/M27.82 DH/M20.02CNY/MSourcing
Dofus Retro Kamas
Crail0.48€/M0.48€/M0.47€/M5.14 DH/M3.70CNY/MSourcing
Boune10.15€/M10.05€/M9.85€/M108.61 DH/M78.16CNY/MSourcing
Galgarion0.45€/M0.45€/M0.44€/M4.82 DH/M3.47CNY/MSourcing
Eratz0.18€/M0.18€/M0.17€/M1.93 DH/M1.39CNY/MSourcing
Henual0.41€/M0.41€/M0.40€/M4.39 DH/M3.16CNY/MSourcing